Just Who Do I Think We Are?

Based on many years of studying the concepts that I have posted on my website, I have come to  the conclusion that: 

We are eternal spiritual beings who are currently living one

of our many lives on Earth and who are the co-creators

of our experiences through our thoughts and beliefs. 

This present life is, of course, the most important to us because we are on the cutting edge of time and space and our power to create is in the present moment.  Through studying the Law of Attraction, we can learn to use our thoughts to deliberately create the lives we want.  The Law of Attraction is as constant as the Law of Gravity--it is always working and responds to our thoughts whether we realize it or not.  So, as Mike Dooley says, "Thoughts become the things and events of our lives, so choose the good ones!"

If my website inspires anyone to look into the law of attraction or past lives or what happens when we die, I will be happy because I am convinced that these are all profound truths:  that our thoughts and beliefs influence the things and events of our lives, that we live many lives, and that in-between our lives, we rest, study, learn and plan our purpose for our next life.  For me, these ideas help answer questions about why we are here.

 Shari Harris  

 Email:  WhoAreWe@shari-harris.com



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