Ann Barham on Reincarnation and early Christianity

Ann C. Barham

Ann Barham has a great explanation about the history of beliefs about reincarnation in the early Christian church.  Here is a link to her website: .


I love these thoughts of Ann's about reincarnation from her website: 

"There really is nothing to fear from the concept of reincarnation. Today over half the world's population espouses this belief -- for good reason. There is a great sense of serenity that comes from knowing that the deepest parts of ourselves will always exist, that we are much more than just our current physical bodies, and that we have many opportunities to master human existence and learn the lessons we are here to learn.  For many people, the idea just makes sense."

Here is the title of Ann's book about past lives published June, 2016:

The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes

Click this link to purchase it on


Some Famous People Who Believe(d) in Reincarnation

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