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Dec. 31, 2020

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"There’s been so much loss, grief and heartbreak in 2020 that it feels almost wrong to be compiling our traditional annual list of good news. Things can and do fall apart, and this year it felt like they really did. Amazing as it may seem however, there were also big wins for conservation, living standards, peace, safety and human rights, clean energy, and yes, even global health."  Future Crunch 

The newsletter includes four stories from each of five categories. You can follow a link to the entire article if you want to read about all 99 stories.  This list gives you an idea of what type of good news is included, such as:
  • increased ocean conservation
  • elimination of certain Third World diseases
  • reduction in terrorism worldwide
  • improved living standards worldwide
  • advancement in clean energy
Dec. 13, 2020

Dolores Cannon was a pioneer in the field of past-life regression. Her interest in hypnosis goes back to the 1960s when she and her husband began to experiment with hypnosis. 

In Five Lives Remembered, Dolores Cannon writes, "...[T]his book is the story of my beginning in this fascinating field. It all began through the work and curiosity of my husband. I was merely an observer holding the microphone for the entranced subject and making numerous notes. But if it hadn't been for this innocent and naïve beginning I would never have been led to seek out the path that has led to numerous journeys down the road to the unknown. Without this strange and unusual event occurring in my life during 1968, I would probably be a "normal" housewife and grandmother, and none of these adventures would have ever been recorded. Such are the laws of chance and... coincidence?" (p. 234)

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"You are not a body. You have a body. This is just a suit of clothes, a costume you're wearing right now to play this part, this role in this safe play that you're involved in. Everything is an illusion. Nothing is real.
You are the producer, director, and actor in your own play. You're also the script writer. But the script is being written as it goes along. You know what that means--you can change the script any time you want. You're the writer. You're the actor. You don't like the way the scene is going, change it. This is how much power we have and we don't realize it."
"Earth is nothing but a school that you signed on here to experience."
Dolores Cannon, excerpted from her YouTube video, "Finding Your True Self"
Nov. 21, 2020
Dr. Brian Weiss's first book, Many Lives, Many Masters, told the story of Catherine, the first patient with whom he used past life regression through hypnosis. Unbidden by Dr. Weiss, Catherine had slipped into relating a past life while under hypnosis to help her re-live childhood events in her current life. This accidental introduction to past life regression changed both their lives and his psychiatric practice forever. Dr. Weiss began to find success using past life regression therapy with many other clients.
The story of soulmates in this issue resulted from the past life regression therapy of two of those clients and is based on his third book, published in 1996, called Only Love is Real. In this book, Dr. Weiss relates the amazing synchronicity of working with two patients who did not know each other, but whose past life memories began to include identical details. After months of hearing seemingly coincidental similarities, Dr. Weiss finally made the startling connection that both clients were remembering the same lifetimes together as young lovers, husband and wife, and father and daughter. In all of the lives together, there was a strong bond of love between them.

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Oct. 25, 2020

In this book, we read about the families of some of the men and women who died on 9/11. The author, Bonnie McEneaney, tells the stories and relates the unusual happenings told to her by families in the days after the destruction of the World Trade Center that the they believed to be messages from their loved ones. To me, the book provides validity to the belief that life continues after our bodies die and that our loved ones continue to remember us and "look out" for us.

In Messages, McEneaney begins with her own experiences after her husband, Eamon, died when the the twin towers were destroyed by terrorists. She remembers his premonitions of an early death prior to September 11, 2001, and she describes the signs she received after he died.
Oct. 4, 2020

Over twenty years ago, Bob Olson was a private investigator. After graduating with a degree in Criminology in 1985, Olson apprenticed with a private investigation agency where he continued to learn and practice investigative procedures and evidence evaluation.

When his father died of lung cancer at the age of 64 in 1997, Olson decided to use these skills to find out what happened to his father in death. He was a skeptic and did not have a background in religion, but he did have an open mind. He was determined to attempt to find out what happens to people when they die, if there is evidence of life after death, and if we can know if our loved ones are okay.

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