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Jul. 2, 2020

Click Here to Read about Four Children Who Remembered a Past Life.

  • James Leininger remembered a life as a WWII pilot, James Huston, who died when his plane was shot down by the Japanese.
  • Christian Haupt remembered a life as baseball player, Lou Gehrig.
  • Ryan Hammons remembered a life in Hollywood as an actor turned agent names Marty Martyn.
  • Chase Bowman remembered being an African American soldier who was injured and died in the Civil War.


Jun. 18, 2020

Click below for Just Who Do We Think We Are? #9 about Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim B. Tucker and their extensive research into children who remember past lives.

More Children's Past Lives


Jun. 1, 2020

Click the link to read about Carol Bowman and Children's Past Life memories.

Children's Past Lives

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May. 20, 2020

Click the link below to read Just Who Do We Think We Are?  May 20, 2020, newsletter: 

"We are not here by accident."


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May. 5, 2020


Click below to read the May 5, 2020, newsletter featuring the haunting past life story of Jenny Cockell who had memories of dying as Mary Sutton and leaving eight children.

Jenny Cockell/Mary Sutton