Apr. 12, 2019

Who Do We Think We Are? Here's What I Think:

I believe we are mighty, powerful, and eternal spiritual beings having an earthly experience.  When we chose to incarnate on Earth, we picked our parents and circumstances.  The rest is ours to create.  I believe that we made contracts with some other entities who chose to live this life with us, and we came with specific things we wanted to learn and experience.  This is one life of many we've had and will have, and we came to this particular life on purpose and with a purpose.

We now create our lives with our thoughts through the Law of Attraction, which is as certain and reliable as the Law of Gravity. When we understand these three concepts--that we are spiritual beings, that we live many lives on Earth, and that we create our lives with our thoughts--we can live with purpose in peace and love.  We can deliberately create the life of our dreams.