Aug. 22, 2019

We Chose to Be on the Earth at This Time!

If only everyone knew a few things about Who We Are, I think the world would not be in such chaos.  I think it helps to understand that we each choose to be here.  I believe: 

1.  We create our lives through our thoughts.  (Law of Attraction)

2.  We choose to incarnate and live many lives, not just this one.  (Reincarnation)

3.  We are eternal.  We do not die when we leave our bodies.  (Immortality)

We were so excited to be able to undertake this adventure of a life on Earth!  We chose our parents and planned our lives so carefully to set it up for learning what we needed to grow and to accomplish the purpose we gave ourselves.

We contracted with our closest soul mates to be together as mates, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies in order to work out karmic debts and experience growth and joy.  The closest people in our lives have also been with us in other lives.

We have incarnated and lived many lives before this one, and we will have many more lives after this one.  But right now, this life is our golden opportunity.  It is what we wanted so much!

We are not victims of anything in life!  We participated in the pre-planning.

We continue to create our lives through our thoughts.  We are divine creators of our own experiences, and we can learn to think only thoughts of what we want and ignore what we do not want.

The Law of Attraction (the Universe) brings us what we think about whether we want it or not.  So let's not focus on what we don't want so we don't bring it into our lives.

When people harbor hate for other people for any reason, but especially because of someone's race, religion, or how he or she lives, they will most likely be born into that same situation in a future life in order to learn that we are all one and the same.

When we see problems or events that we don't want in the world, we can focus our thoughts on solutions instead of the problems themselves.  Solutions bring about positive feelings for ourselves and others and that is what we want to create more of.  If we focus on what's wrong, we create more of the same in our lives and the world.