Nov. 24, 2019

Life is a Practicum

I think that the Earth is like a school.  We are all here to increase our learning.  While some of us are still in elementary, middle, and high school, others of us signed up for more advanced courses in the University of Life.  And just like in school, there may be some courses that we love and others that we dread. 

For instance, if I am lacking in Math knowledge, I will most likely sign up for a Math class to improve my skills.  I would then have to complete homework assignments that I do not enjoy doing and think, "Why do I always end up having to do these hard problems."  In this case, it is because I signed up for the class. 

I think we chose to come to the University of Life and that we signed up for certain courses that we needed to complete our degree.  There are things we need to learn in our courses that we may think are difficult.  We may begin to think the difficult things we are experiencing are because we are victims of life or of others, but if we realize that we signed up for them and are learning from them, we can overcome the victim mentality.

For instance, we may have registered for a course called LEARNING FORGIVENESS 101, because it is necessary for our desired degree in COMPASSION IN ACTION.  Therefore, for our Practicum in this field, we will need to have someone or something to forgive.  The Universe will aide us by creating one or more situations (depending on how quickly we master our homework) in which we are hurt by someone or something.  We now have a reason to blame.  We can feel victimized and not remember that we chose this in our life in order to learn forgiveness.  

Other people may be experiencing differrent difficulties to overcome in their lives because they registered for a different course.  And I think that sometimes we are slow learners.  We may need to repeat lessons again and again until we eventually understand and pass the course.  I think that some lessons may even take several lifetimes to complete.  We can then perhaps become teachers in the subjects we mastered.

I suggest that when we have difficult situations in our lives, especially ones that seem to happen over and over, it will help to look for what we need to learn from those situations instead of blaming others or holding grudges.  We will master the homework and pass the course!