Nov. 21, 2020

Just Who Do We Think We Are? #17 Past Life Soulmates/Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss's first book, Many Lives, Many Masters, told the story of Catherine, the first patient with whom he used past life regression through hypnosis. Unbidden by Dr. Weiss, Catherine had slipped into relating a past life while under hypnosis to help her re-live childhood events in her current life. This accidental introduction to past life regression changed both their lives and his psychiatric practice forever. Dr. Weiss began to find success using past life regression therapy with many other clients.
The story of soulmates in this issue resulted from the past life regression therapy of two of those clients and is based on his third book, published in 1996, called Only Love is Real. In this book, Dr. Weiss relates the amazing synchronicity of working with two patients who did not know each other, but whose past life memories began to include identical details. After months of hearing seemingly coincidental similarities, Dr. Weiss finally made the startling connection that both clients were remembering the same lifetimes together as young lovers, husband and wife, and father and daughter. In all of the lives together, there was a strong bond of love between them.

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