Dec. 31, 2020

Just Who Do We Think We Are? #19/Good News Stories from 2020

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"There’s been so much loss, grief and heartbreak in 2020 that it feels almost wrong to be compiling our traditional annual list of good news. Things can and do fall apart, and this year it felt like they really did. Amazing as it may seem however, there were also big wins for conservation, living standards, peace, safety and human rights, clean energy, and yes, even global health."  Future Crunch 

The newsletter includes four stories from each of five categories. You can follow a link to the entire article if you want to read about all 99 stories.  This list gives you an idea of what type of good news is included, such as:
  • increased ocean conservation
  • elimination of certain Third World diseases
  • reduction in terrorism worldwide
  • improved living standards worldwide
  • advancement in clean energy