Jul. 8, 2021

Just Who Do We Think We Are? Vol. 2, #6/Robert Snow's Past Life

Just Who Do We Think We Are?
Robert Snow Says...
"I have recently accomplished something that would make even the most seasoned detective nod with approval. I have uncovered evidence that proves beyond a doubt the existence of a past life. The evidence I uncovered in this two-year investigation is so overwhelming that if it had been a criminal case there would be no plea bargaining. A conviction would be assured." Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic, Robert Snow, p. 5.
Robert L. Snow served for 38 years at the Indianapolis Police Department, retiring in 2007 with the rank of captain.
In 1999, he published an account of his two year investigation attempting to disprove facts that came forth during a past life regression that he had because of a dare. According to the story and the quote above, instead of disproving a past life, his investigation did just the opposite--he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his memories under hypnosis were of a former life in the early nineteenth century as an American artist, Carroll Beckwith.

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