Aug. 11, 2021

Just Who Do We Think We Are? Vol. 2 #7 Thoughts Become Things/Mike Dooley and Others

"Your thoughts are more than fuzzy little wispy-wisps. They perpetuate life as you know it; they are the shape-shifters of time and space, God particles that eagerly assemble with an intelligence of their own. Just as water evaporates under the proper conditions, just as fires ignite and continents slide, your thoughts strive to become the objects, events, and players of your life, filling the mold created by your imagination with people places, and things."

Mike Dooley, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU, p. 106;
From Shari:  We've probably all heard about the law of attraction, but I wonder how many of us believe it or take it seriously. It seems that many brush it off as New Age frivolity. In this issue, I am pulling together various statements from multiple metaphysical authors and teachers. You will find that most of the them are saying the same thing. I apologize for the repetition, but that's my point.
Over the years, when I've come across the same ideas from many different sources, I've begun to pay attention, and this topic is one of those ideas that keeps showing up. In fact, I don't know of any metaphysical or New Age spirituality teachers who do not adhere to the idea that our thoughts and beliefs influence the events of our lives and that we are co-creators of our circumstances.

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