Sep. 10, 2021

Just Who Do We Think We Are? Vol. 2 #8/Deceased Sisters Reincarnate as Twins

This is a well documented story of a couple in England, John and Florence Pollock, who lost their two daughters, 11 and 6 years old, to a tragic accident in 1957. A year and a half later, Florence became pregnant, and on October 4, 1958, she gave birth to twin girls.
This newsletter describes the events that led the family and Dr. Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia, who researched it, to believe that their daughters who died were reincarnated as twin sisters. Dr. Stevenson researched the story in 1964 and stayed in touch with the family until 1985. Their story is included in Dr. Stevenson's book, Children Who Remember Previous Lives. 

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