Dec. 31, 2021

Just Who Do We Think We Are? Vol. 2, #11/Good News Stories of 2021

 "If you were asked to list the top global news stories of 2021, off the top of your head, what would they be? Chances are you’d come up with some combination of COVID-19, economic woes, political conflict, Afghanistan, natural disasters, and maybe some space billionaires and Free Britney thrown in for good measure. Oh, and don’t forget the Suez Canal!

What’s probably missing from your list is any good news, which seems pretty strange. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, surely a few positive things happened this year? Researchers would say it’s because of our negativity bias — we’re wired, apparently, to pay attention to and remember things that are shocking or scary. What if there’s a simpler explanation though? What if the reason we can’t remember any good news is because nobody reported it in the first place?

For the past several years, we’ve been putting that idea to the test, seeing whether it’s possible to carve out a tiny little corner of the internet dedicated exclusively to stories of progress. Not fluffy, feel good stories, but big stories of real, lasting change for people and the planet. Over time, we’ve gotten better at digging them up and this year, managed to find hundreds. Boiling them down to just 99 was a struggle, but we got there in the end, with only a tiny bit of cheating."

About Future Crunch: "We are a team of science communicators based in Melbourne, Australia. We curate stories of good news, mind-blowing science, human progress, and we support small charities using science and technology to make the world a better place. More than 40,000 people subscribe to our free, fortnightly email newsletter. (

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