Jun. 13, 2022

Just Who Do We Think We Are? Vol.3#4/Are Civil War Reenactors Remembering a Past Life?

Barbara Lane is a clinical hypnotherapist. She became interested in Civil War reenacting when she first attended a demonstration with a friend as a spectator which led her to research past lives of reenactors. Eventually, she found herself joining her friend in becoming a reenactor. As she learned to know other long-term reenactors, she was struck by their enthusiasm and even obsession with the Civil War and their drive to represent the period as authentically as possible.

Lane writes, "The fervor and sincerity of the participants led me to ask: Could this passion be a result of the remembrance of a lifetime in the Civil War period: And if so, could I, in my capacity as a past-life regression therapist, help them to recall their past lifetimes?" (Barbara Lane, Echoes from the Battlefield, p. xvi)

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