Dec. 13, 2020

James Van Praagh Says...

The Mind is Limitless

"We are not our brains, our bodies, our clothes, or our homes.  We are not our bank accounts, our jobs, our countries, or even our names.  We are much, much more.  We are spiritual beings whose true native language is love."

"When we begin to think of ourselves as eternal beings and are 'conscious' of how we act out our lives on a daily basis, our lives take on a more meaningful role and we perceive the tapestry of our existence more closely.... We start to see how our previous thoughts and actions helped to shape the life we are currently living, and we begin to live with a 'mindful awareness' of every choice we make, knowing they will have repercussions far beyond tomorrow."

"This earth is the schoolroom for the soul.  It is a place we come back to over and over again to further us on our road to self-awareness."

James Van Praagh in the Foreword to Return From Heaven by Carol Bowman