In the Right Place at the Right Time by Shari

Picture from Louise Hay's Power Thought Cards

“In the Right Place at the Right Time”

This I Believe….        

I matriculated into the university called Earth to work on my degree—

      to progress in my education; to put my theories into action;

      to test my readiness; and

      to work out earthly relationships with those who chose to incarnate with me, did you. 


I am a great and powerful spiritual being, are you. 

I left a perfect home and chose to incarnate on earth

      at this particular time in history, did you. 


I am part of the world thought.

I am a piece of the puzzle.  I am the missing piece of the puzzle.

I am the answer to the puzzle, are you.

I am where I am supposed to be.

And you are where you are supposed to be.


I chose to be on the earth at this time, as did you.

You and I are in the right place at the right time

      doing the right thing.


Shari Harris 2003