Visualization Workshop

From The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

"Here is a process by which you may spend a little bit of time every day where you will intentionally attract into your experience the health, the vitality, the prosperity, the interaction with others--all the things that make up your vision of what a perfect life experience for you would be.

You are going to go to a sort of workshop everyday.  Not for a long period of time.  Fifteen minutes is a good amount of time--twenty at most....It is not a place where you will enter an altered state of consciousness.  It is not a meditative state.  It is a place you will go clearly giving thought to what you are wanting....Before you go to this place, it is important that you be happy.  For as you go there not happy or feeling no emotion, then your work will not be of great value, for your attracting power will not be there....

Your work here in this workshop is to assimilate data that you have been collecting from your real life experience interacting with others, moving in and out of your physical environment.  As you are moving around throughout your day, if you will use that time to collect data, looking for things that you will like, bringing that data into your workshop, then you will find everyday a day of fun.

Your real work is to look around for things that you want with the intent of bringing them into the workshop in order to create your vision of self from which you will attract, then you will come to know that there is nothing that you cannot be or do or have."